Tradition trifft auf moderne Technologie

Unser Weingut liegt in Gols, im Weinbaugebiet Neusiedlersee Seewinkel und ist schon seit 4 Generationen ein Familienbetrieb. Wir, Hans und Else, widmen uns schon seit über 30 Jahren dem Weinbau.

Hans Wendelin

… hat nach seinem Abschluss der Weinbauschule Eisenstadt die Meisterprüfung in Weinbau und Kellerwirtschaft absolviert. Seit 1980 leitet er unseren 10 Hektar großen Betrieb und ist ständig um qualitätsverbessernde Maßnahmen bemüht.

Else Wendelin

… hat schon in ihrer frühen Jugendzeit begonnen in der Landwirtschaft zu arbeiten und bald die Liebe zum Weinbau entdeckt. Seit 1980 führt die Winzerin aus Leidenschaft gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Hans den elterlichen Betrieb erfolgreich fort.

My name is Else Wendelin and together with my husband Hans I run and own a winery.

I visited a general school and started to work at my parents' winery at the age of fifteen. I learned by doing.

Our winery is in a small town called Gols near the Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland. Since 1870, we are producing wine in the 4th generation. We are cultivating 10 hectares of vineyards with 60% white wine and 40% red wine.

Every year after the wine harvest our range of goods consists of sparkling wine and of a very young white wine. We also have dry red wine, dry white wine and a semi sweet wine from a grape named “Traminer”.

We press the white grapes and the fermentation of these grapes happens in a stainless steel tank. The red wine needs to rest in wooden barrels or in little oak barrels for one year.

Let me tell you something about our work:

We make a short pruning of wines, we are cutting green grapes out before they are ripe in order to improve the quality of the wine (so called "green harvest"). The selections of the ripe grapes at the wine harvest are only made by hand. Last year we had a good vintage.

The taste of our white wine is fruity and aromatically. We have four types of red wine with a dark red colour − mild tannis − and with a spicy aroma. The variety of red wine is St. Laurent, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Merlot. The Cuvee of our red grapes is called "Heideboden". For its unification, the wine has to be in barrique barrels for 14 months.

Feel free to visit us at our wine tasting events at "Weinfrühling" in spring or "Martiniloben" in autumn. Wineries in Gols open their cellar doors for guests to taste the wines.

I am looking forward to meet you personally at a wine tasting in our cellar to convince you of the quality of our wine.